Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mechani-Callie Minded

My mechini-Callie minded daughter was invited to compete with her local middle/high school at Edinboro University a few saturday's ago. She was to build a mousetrap car that would travel exactly 10 ft. There were 3 portions to the competition: accuracy, craftsmanship, speech/essay and spontaneous build. On a Sunday before the competition, Callie sat down to start painting her car... four hours later, she was nearly finished. She was determined to win craftsmanship.
This is my Callie girl, and my Dad, who she can thank for her mechanical abilities.
Some of the cars from the competition.

 More competitors cars...  most are quite plain.
 The competition was held in the science and technology building. We couldn't resist the moose impersonation...

After lunch, awards were announced and handed out. My girl won a first for craftsmanship and a second for accuracy.
The team as a whole received 3rd place overall.
We all enjoyed the day.

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