Monday, December 3, 2012

The Adventures of Biscuit Bob

Trixie, Betty and I set off one day on a "junking" excursion. While driving through the countryside to our destination, Betty offered up a story from her youth. She told us of a homeless man she and her friends had befriended. His name was Bob and he asked everyone on the street if they had any biscuits, so they nicknamed him "Biscuit Bob". 
Biscuit Bob would mention during his scattered ramblings, talk of needing to go to the zoo to speak with the elephants and the lions before they revolt. He was very disturbed that something bad would happen. Betty hatched a plan with Bob to take him to the zoo. The story Betty told to us that day was so entertaining, I knew it would make for a great altered book.
I started with a discarded book from the local library. Occasionally, the library will set out a rack of discarded books, free for the taking. Sometimes the old books have decorative covers like the above book.
I painted the spine pear green, then added tickets and purple mini pom pom trim.
The images all came from the Graphics Fairy.
I knew this old image of a girl in a car, talking to a boy was perfect.
Betty was with me the day I acquired the red plastic monkey.
The back cover of the book is covered with Seattle memorabilia, where the story takes place.
In case you were wondering, Biscuit Bob talked with the elephants and lions for many hours before he was satisfied that the crisis had been averted. I shudder to think what would've happened had Betty not taken Bob to the zoo that day.

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elle squared said...

It now has an honored place on the bookshelf where everyone can admire it! Somewhere up in Heaven, Biscuit Bob is smiling with approval, and a healthy dose of glee. What a wonderful birthday gift, can't thank you enough!!