Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Picture yourself spending an entire day bouncing between a gymnasium filled with overly excited children and a natatorium filled with overly excited parents. That was me, last Saturday, with my family.  Actually, that's how I spend most of my Saturdays from October through February.
For quite awhile I've been wanting to try my hand at zentangles. The day before the swim meet, I pulled together some supplies including my zentangle print out from Cloth, Paper, Scissors. The above piece was my very first attempt.

Attempt #2 states the obvious. We had been up since 3:45am for the 6:30 warm-ups.
Attempt #3 is a work in progress. I highly encourage you to give zentangles a whirl. They are very fun. Now I am busy pinning different zentangle designs to learn.


elle squared said...

Good stuff! Hmmm, pinning zentangles. . . . excuse me, I have a pressing matter at hand.... :)

Becky Hampson said...

I have never taken the time to just sit and zentangle. An all day swim meet is the perfect place to do so. I have to say, it was really neat how I blocked out all of the surrounding chaos. I was also amazed at how this interested the children near me. When they returned from swimming an event, they would check on my progress. One young swimmer was especially curious. I gave him some info to try for himself.