Saturday, October 13, 2012

Upcycled Pumpkins

Two years ago while pouring over the latest issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine, I came across the instructional article Pumpkin Palooza! Lucky for you all I am a pack rat and keep all of my back issues. As a sidenote I would like to point out that I am fortunate to be married to such a loving, understanding man that supports my creative adventures. 

I quickly beat feet to my local thrift store on a mission to find some discarded plastic pumpkins. Score! I found the kind of pumpkin used for trick or treating with a handle and also a set of 3 light up pumpkins wearing black witch hats. This is a smaller pumpkin from the set of 3.

The main instructions for this project involve the highly messy method of using those rolls of plaster bandage cloth to soak in water and cover the pumpkin. I live in the boondocks so I went with the alternate technique using watered down white glue and strips of newspaper. When gluing down the strips of paper it is best to follow the vertical lines of the pumpkin. I also folded up paper to fill in the triangle areas of the eyes. Use masking tape to hold the eye filler in place before gluing the newspaper strips over top. Let the glue thoroughly dry before painting. On the pumpkin below I cut out circles from cardboard for the eyes. This being my first attempt I must not have filled the eyeholes. Live and learn...
 The inside revealing the newspaper.
My dog True must not think the saying "curiousity killed the cat" applies to canines.
Here is the largest pumpkin of the light up set.
I added the jute cord around the base to dress him up a bit.
Notice these eyes have been painted on... a little older, a little wiser.
Now get out there and find your own plastic decorations to upcycle.
One last thing. I have had a few people mention they weren't able to comment on my prior posts. If you have had this same issue would you please let me know via email? I have changed some settings again trying to fix this problem.


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Your loving husband comment saved the day.