Monday, October 8, 2012

The house next door

I bought this picture frame along with it's companion about 2 years ago with an idea for transforming it into a Halloween decoration. I have finally made it happen...
The house was already the green/gray color with touches of gold. I used brown shoe polish to darken the recessed areas which shows off more of the detail. This also helps to camoflage the fact the frame is plastic.
It's difficult to believe these 2 adorable children could be monsters and thugs, playing with skulls and shrunken heads. Maybe this is the reason they are locked up in the attic? The shrunken head is made from polymer clay, the hair is a piece of painted cottonball.
This "bad kid" image along with the full moon is from The Graphics Fairy.
Cold staring eyes searching for victim #14.
Disillusioned doesn't even begin to cover this young lady's troubled mind and the voices in her head.
In the dark of night cold, boney hands grabbed her from behind.
After being left alone at the altar, her heart blackened with insanity.
Dear sweet Ellen looks as though she couldn't hurt a fly. Looks can be decieving...
I now need to work on the companion frame to this one. The other house is a little larger, mainly wider, a different architectural style and dark brown.

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