Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kelly Miller Circus

My Chick is in the spirit of the day.

Who's going to the circus?
We are!

Fun, laughter and wicked delights...

Pony ride, anyone?

"Pick me!"
" No, pick me!"

"What about me?"

"Step right up!"
It was totally worth the $1 to see a shriveled up, nearly unidentifiable creature that could've been the Fiji Mermaid.  A two-headed turtle, three-legged duckling and other taxidermied creatures. Oddities preserved in jars of liquid. It was worth the price of admission. Only Sasquatch was brave enough to venture behind the curtain with me. Photography was not allowed or I would have had an entire post dedicated to just the freak show.

He's a good actor. Who frowns while eating cotton candy?

Do we look like a couple of clowns to you?
(That's my husband on the left and father in law on the right.)

No net!
Camels performing to "Puttin' on the Ritz".

And then they rolled out the pirate ship of barking, nervous little dogs dressed like pirates. My favorite act of all time.

Yes, that last dog is wearing an eye patch.

These performing pooches bounced as though they had springs for legs. All the while tails wagging with huge doggy smiles. They are true performers, loving the attention and applause from the crowd.

Send in the elephants!

Thank you Kelly Miller Circus for coming to our neck of the woods!

The Ringmaster loved Chick's shirt.

On to the next town...

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elle squared said...

Awesome post! Love the miniaturized photos!