Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back in my day...

While out walking the family beast, something caught my eye.  Who knew a simple, ordinary cap to a water main could put a smile on my face? Immediately my brain was flooded with childhood memories of silly games.
On our many daily excursions between our house, the neighborhood playground and the penny candy store, we would play a game. The game really had no official beginning or end, it was just played when someone would jump in the grass and yell "Gas, water, stinky fish?" The other kids would try to guess if you were standing on a Gas cap, Water cap or nothing at all.
Before long we all knew the location of every cap along our well traveled paths.
We don't have dead fish laying all around our neighborhood. I just happened to have this random photo of a stinky fish corpse from the marina. I thought it was neat. Don't judge me.
Please tell me other people played this game...

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