Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If You Give A Sasquatch Some Caterpillars

If you give a Sasquatch 10 monarch caterpillars at Audubon Camp, he's going to take them home. When he gets them home, they are going to need a place to live.

So Mom will drive him to the store to buy a suitable container. He brings the container home and transfers the caterpillars into their new home.

When he transfers the caterpillars into their new home, Sasquatch notices that all the milkweed leaves have been eaten.

So Mom drives him to the "Happy Place" to pick more milkweed leaves to feed the hungry caterpillars.

When he starts picking leaves, he notices caterpillar eggs. When he finds the leaves with eggs attached, he decides to bring those home too. He also notices tiny baby caterpillars to also bring home.

When he gets home, he'll ask his Mom for another caterpillar container for the eggs and baby caterpillars...

When he checks on the first 10 caterpillars, he sees he needs to get more milkweed...

When the caterpillars have eaten what seems like a bushel of milkweed from daily trips to the "Happy Place", he'll see a chrysalis form. Then another and another until Mom Sasquatch no longer has to make daily trips to the "Happy Place".

Sasquatch looks at the seemingly unchanging chrysalis'. And then one day he awakens to a monarch butterfly in the caterpillar container.

He will take the container outside, get the butterfly on his hand and release into the world. Sasquatch has a huge smile of accomplishment and hugs his Mom.

Sasquatch will continue to release butterflies for the next week.

Then Sasquatch will get a telephone call from fellow camper and caterpillar keeper, Dirt Boy. Dirt Boy is going away for the week on vacation and won't be home to release his butterflies as needed. So Sasquatch takes on more chrysalis'.

Sasquatch continues to send new butterflies into the world to lay more eggs. And if the butterflies lay eggs at the "Happy Place" chances are good that Sasquatch will find them. And when Sasquatch finds them, he's going to want to bring them home...


elle squared said...

And around and around we go! Nicely done, young Sasquatch, nicely done! Dirt Boy is most appreciative!!

elle squared said...

And from D.B.: "Sasquatch and Dirt Boy!! Epic Superhero Duo!!"

Becky Hampson said...

Epic Superhero Duo, indeed! They could save us all from the Zombie Apocalypse.