Thursday, July 18, 2013

It was too hot and too humid to spend the afternoon in a tent, but the show must go on...

One of my most favorite days of the year...Kelly Miller Circus Day!

Step right up!
Yes, please! Extra cold would be nice.
These 2 clowns were great! (Unless you have a clown phobia) At one point during the show, they came out as construction workers. Miracle Construction Company "If we build it, it's a miracle" Anyhow, the routine was very 3 Stooges mixed with Laurel & Hardy. The "belly laughs" coming from the smaller children behind us, was enough to make us all laugh even harder.
My most favorite act, forever and always are the performing dogs. This year, goats and llamas were added. Always entertaining.
This llama's outfit was just hilarious. Notice the fake arms on Uncle Sam's hips. And you can't have Uncle Sam without...
Lady Liberty Llama!
It's difficult to see from this angle, she too has fake arms holding up the torch and the tablets.
Of course you can't leave without stopping in to see "A World Gone Mad".
My daughter wore the same circus shirt from last year's circus adventure. On the way out, the ringmaster pointed at her and said "Target, right? You were here last year."  Think about how many places they travel, a different town nearly every night, and this guy remembered her.  Pretty cool. We look forward to next year's show.

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